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New eBook available in the 'Library'!

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:20 AM, October 17, 2010 [Permalink]

It's been a long time since I've been able to announce one of these, but can now tell you that I have just published another in the 'Classics of Woodblock Printmaking' series of eBooks.

This is the fourth in the series, after previous volumes by Hiroshi Yoshida, Frank Morley-Fletcher, and John Platt.

The 'new' one is a freshly edited version of the original book published in 1894 by the US National Museum, based on source material provided by Mr. T. Tokuno in Japan.

Here's a quick quote from the introduction: "The Japanese government of the day made a gift to the U.S. National Museum of a complete set of printmaking equipment, including carving and printing tools, pigments, blocks, paper samples - everything involved in the process of making prints. In addition to the materials themselves, illustrated written descriptions of many aspects of the craft were included, and this pamphlet is a detailed summary of those descriptions."

The eBook is now available as an 'instant' download from my Mokuhankan shop, at $5 - information here. Note that the full text still remains in my online library, where it can be - of course - read at no cost. The only reasons you might want to purchase this are: to have your own 'copy' always handy, to have it in a properly formatted and readable layout, and ... to help support what goes on around here!

Thanks also, to collector Mr. Dale Evans, for the (gentle) kick to get this project rolling again ... (I think we'll be mentioning him again tomorrow ... depends on how much time I have left after tonight's printing work ...)


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