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Update: back to work ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 3:01 AM, July 4, 2010

A month since the previous RoundTable update ... It's been a very busy month, but 'busy' in a peaceful and relaxed way!

I actually returned to Japan over a week ago, but had to jump right back into the work, as the deadline for shipping print #4 in the Mystique series is coming closer. But - as a lot of the preparation had been done before I left - that didn't take too long, and the first batch of 100+ prints is now drying, ready for inspection and signing. We'll have a look at it later ...

I got the printing finished late on Friday night, and then had to 'clear the decks', as on Saturday I played host to a group of 13 visitors.

(No, that's not my house in the photo - it's the noodle shop across the street!)

Carver Asaka-san (sitting just to my left) brought over a gang of his students - people who are studying carving with him. They are mostly amateurs, but a couple of them have aspirations towards making a career out of this, and I was happy to agree when he asked about coming.

We spent an interesting day squeezed into my small place, looking at prints and blocks and just generally chatting about our work. A nice break for me, too.

And - although it isn't related at all to printmaking - I should report at least a bit on the Canada trip ...

Easiest way to do that is perhaps give you a photo, and a link to a little story that accompanies it.

The story is here.

That cruise was the 'main event' of the Canada trip for my folks and their three kids, but once it was over, I had to move my attention to the generation below me! This wasn't all that easy, because my two girls are so busy it is beyond belief. Himi-chan is a full-time mother/wife, as well as being a full-time worker for her sister Fumi's fashion company, which of course would keep her busy 24 hours a day, if she would let it. It is going gangbusters!

It was difficult for me to get a word in edgewise with them because they were so busy fulfilling a rush of orders that had just come in due to a write-up they got in a recent Martha Stewart magazine.

Their website is here, but they also make many of their sales through Etsy, where they are frequently featured on the front page, their clutches are so popular. Please visit them!

And let's end with a small 'teaser' ...


Following comment posted by: Gayle on July 6, 2010 1:13 AM

Dave, I don't believe I've ever seen a photo of you so finely attired (did we see a photo of you when you attended the very big imperial(?) event a few years ago?). What a handsome family you all are! It sounds like your children take after you when it comes to being skilled business people. The carvers' "convention" at the noodle shop, with you presiding reminds me of one Father's Day a number of years ago with Bareners at the table on Vancouver Island. I'm happy to see all those local carvers, their teacher and you together. I can imagine the conversations going on at that table!

Following comment posted by: Dave on July 6, 2010 9:23 AM

did we see a photo of you when you attended the very big imperial(?) event a few years ago?

You mean the poetry event at the palace ...

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