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Mokuhankan is open!

Posted by Dave Bull at 10:01 AM, May 9, 2006

After about three months of planning and preparation, my new woodblock publishing venture - Mokuhankan - is now open!

Here's a quote from the Mokuhankan introduction:


The Concept

Mokuhankan is a woodblock print publishing venture established by myself - Tokyo printmaker David Bull. Over on my Woodblock.com website, I display and distribute the woodblock prints that come off my own carving and printing benches; the prints you will see here on Mokuhankan have a different origin - other craftsmen will be involved in the carving and printing (although I too, will be joining the production crew on occasion).

I will select the prints, I will hire the craftsmen, I will organize the sales/distribution and the events, and most importantly - I will set the standards by which this organization will operate, and that ... is where the story lies. ...


Please visit the Mokuhankan website, and browse through the print catalogue. I hope you will find something there of interest!


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