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Business Announcement (Part 2) ... Woodblock.com

Posted by Dave Bull at 1:18 AM, February 15, 2006

TOKYO (UP News) - Speaking this morning in a hastily-arranged conference call with analysts from top brokerage houses, Woodblock.com Chief Financial Officer David Bull said that the markets had over-reacted to the company's announcement yesterday of their upcoming re-organization.

In what amounted to an exercise in damage control, he regretted that the market had focussed on a single aspect of the announcement - the warning that up to one job may possibly be lost this year - while for the most part ignoring the positive aspects - the fact that the company will be moving forward and expanding markets.

"When Chief Executive Officer David Bull spoke yesterday, he had expected that his announcement would simply signal to the market that Woodblock.com was moving into new markets, and was ready to take on new challenges. 2006 is going to be a challenging year for all of us here, but we have no doubt at all that we are ready for those challenges", he emphasized.

Marketing Manager David Bull stepped forward to speak about the upcoming re-organization. "We have been aware for many years that there is a very large segment of the print market that we have been unable to reach. It has always required a considerable investment on the part of the customer to become a collector of Woodblock.com prints, and unfortunately, this has had the effect of shutting many people off from discovering the beauty of these objects", he said.

When the analysts asked if this meant that the long-standing Woodblock.com policy of never selling single prints from their sets was about to change, CEO David Bull supplied the answer. "We have absolutely no plans to change our policies on subscriptions at all. Prints from our established sets will not be sold individually, period." He then chided analysts for overlooking a little-noticed detail of last December's announcement of products for the upcoming year's work. "Study that announcement carefully - we have projected 10 days a month for work on the scroll project and about one week a month for printing on the Small Print Collection. Do the math; you will see that our labour force is being very under-utilized on those projects. But rather than resort to layoffs, we have decided to expand our business in a new direction, in order to keep our plant working at full capacity."

Company executives then closed the call, asking that markets "show some patience while we get this thing up and running". Analysts were not convinced however, and will require more information from the organization before they can again place Woodblock.com on their 'buy' lists.


Following comment posted by: Jacques Commandeur on February 20, 2006 6:35 AM

It is only today (19 February 2006) that I checked my RSS and found links
to two unnerving newspaper articles with groundbreaking news on recent
developments at the famous woodblock.com plant in Ome, Tokyo, Japan.
I guess I wasn't quite prepared for woodblock.com's rise into radically
new levels of media attention.

As everybody is well aware of, woodblock.com is a relatively small firm, with a
deep (and both local and global) impact on peoples lives. The news therefore not
only brought about shock waves in the customers community of the firm,
but especially in all the people directly -and therefore financially- involved
in the endeavour at woodblock.com: the CEO, the design-chooser, the carver,
the printer, as well as, of course, the people making the dissemination of this
work possible: the webmaster, accountant, postmaster, and -last but not least-
marketing manager, and all the people that are part of the staffs involved in these
subdivisions of the firm (including their partners and children!).

In the Netherlands (where I live) there is a saying that 'the soup is always served
hotter than it is being eaten'. In the spirit of this saying it is a relieve to read
woodblock.com's CEO statement that the consequences of current developments
involve, and I quote, "the possibility that up to one job may be lost this year".

I, as a customer, plan to continue to support this very sympathetic firm
through thick and thin, and hope that many others will do as well.

Dave, I wish you all the luck in the world (I really think you deserve it), and look
forward to your 'grand opening' on the 26th of February!

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