Gallery of Urushibara's Prints

Mr. Urushibara was not the type of person who cared a great deal for documenting his work. At this point, there is no established list of his works, many of which exist in various colour variations.

Another point of confusion stems from his practice of collaborating with other artists. In some cases, this is well documented (notably his work with Brangwyn), but in others, it is far from clear 'who did what'. So this Gallery is (and perhaps always will be) a 'work in progress'. We will add images here as they become available to us, and will include such 'documentation' as is known.

If you have material that should be included here, we would love to hear from you. Please use the form on the Contact Page to get in touch ...

[Note: we are just at the beginning of the process of getting the Urushibara archive online, and as you can see, many of the items in the following outline are not yet 'active' links. Editing and uploading work will continue bit-by-bit as time permits. Please check back now and again to see what's new!]

* * *

Because a chronology is basically non-existent, prints will be listed here in categories:


  • The images on each page are linked to enlargements in a 'lightbox'; from there you can click through to the previous/next ...
  • As mentioned above, some of Urushibara's prints were issued with variations in the colour schemes. The examples shown here are typical - but please note that prints may differ from these.
Yoshijiro Urushibara