Tying the Baren Cover (continued from previous page)


The second quadrant proceeds the same way as the first, but this time your thumb does the 'hold-down' job.

This corner of the baren is much more difficult to tie, as you only have one thumb, and can't easily 'follow-along' with the folding as it moves around the quadrant.


Hold things down as well as you can (not forgetting to keep the heel of your hand tightly pressed down), until you arrive at the half-way point of the circle. Your thumb should meet up with the index finger (still holding down the end of the first quadrant).

Squeeze the thumb and index finger together tightly, and with the other hand, twist and pull the end of the skin into a tight 'rope'. Twist it and twist it, while pulling it tightly over the edge of the baren. Remember which way you are twisting - clockwise or anti-clockwise. It doesn't matter at all which way you twist, but when you get to the other end of the baren in a minute, you must twist the same way!

The heel of my right hand in this photo is still holding the baren tightly down onto the board, the ball of my right thumb is holding down its quadrant, and look at those fingers - like spider legs over there holding down their section!


The twisted rope is now being looped back on itself, and with a quick twist ...

... the entire baren is spun around, and the tied end is now pressed down with the heel of my hand. While I press down continuously there, the fingers of that same hand jam the baren tightly into the tied end, as the left hand holds the skin.

Then, with everything locked tightly into place, it's time to do the other end ...


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