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Woodblock.com 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Quiz

If you would like a chance to win one of the prize prints, then just get started with the quiz. There are six questions, one related to each of the major print projects I have created in recent years. All the information needed to answer the six questions can be found on the sections of my website under the domain [woodblock.com], and with a little bit of help from Google, you should be able to extract it without too much trouble! (The questions are not 'tricky', and it should not take very long to find the answers; the idea behind all this is just to get people familiar with a bit of my work ...)

Question #1 : Hyakunin Isshu Poetry series (1989~1998)

How many women are there in the set of 100 Hyakunin Isshu poets?

12       18       21       26

Question #2 : Surimono Albums (1999~2003)

Which of the following designers is represented by exactly three prints in the series?


Question #3 : Beauties of Four Seasons (2004)

Which one of the four prints in this series was not originally designed in the era represented in the design?


Question #4 : Hanga Treasure Chest (2005)

Frequently, prints use more printing impressions than there are actual blocks (some are used twice). Which one of these four uses the same number of impressions as blocks?

Bird and Bamboo
Flower Basket
Swimming Carp

Question #5 : Scroll Project (2006)

How many different sizes of blocks did I use to make this print?


Question #6 : Hanga Small Print Collection (2006)

One of the prints in my Small Print Collection 'contains' a three-dimensional surprise. Which one?

Port in Winter
New Year Coin

When you think all your answers are correct, send them off with this button ... If any are wrong, you will have a chance to start over ... Thank you for trying!