Step Eight ...

Main kimono colour ... Actually I should have called this 'Step Eight (and Nine)', because the colour was done with a 'double impression'. Rather than try and get the strong colour with a single pass, I printed it twice, with slightly lighter pigment. A very competent printer wouldn't need to do this on such a small print, but I'm playing 'on the safe side' by doing it this way. If I attempt to get the full rich tone with one impression, I invariably get a few brush strokes visible here and there; doing it this way takes twice as long, but gives me smoother cleaner results.

Here's what it looks like after the first pass:

And here's the same copy after the second impression:

This area of the paper has now had four impressions, and it too is showing wonderful depth and richness. We're getting near the end now; there are only three impressions left to go after this one. But those last few are going to absolutely transform this print!