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Printing Process ...

Here is a set of step-by-step images showing the stages of printing for the ninth print in my third Surimono Album.

For the first time in these Albums, I have used a design by a living artist, in this case the American Gary Luedtke. Gary lives in Kansas, but his passion is creating images of Hawaii; he produces these on a computer screen and outputs them on an ink jet printer. But in his mind, they are conceived not as digital prints, but as drawings from which woodblock prints could be made.

He has managed to arrange for some of his designs to be converted to woodblock prints, but such a process is very expensive, and he is not able to do it with all his work. So when I needed an interesting design for my album and asked his permission to use this one, he readily gave assent.

We hope you enjoy it!

(If you are interested in contacting Gary about his work, you can write to him here.)