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Second print!
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Author:  Paul Jones [ Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Second print!

So, having completed a first print I'm embarking on my second with some specific focus

    Carve with a little more flow, easier on the hangi toh
    Pay better attention to the colour separation and _layer_ colours to create the finished tone rather than a jigsaw approach
    Attempt some finer lines in the keyblock

My first print went okay as such things go, from the yoshitoshi sketch attached, I managed to create a print.

Absolutely far and away the hardest part was printing smooth colour. Best I can describe is that I was often not allowing the block to become wet enough when beginning, and often didn't have enough 'stuff' on the block. Almost always too much pigment, but often far too little water, and mostly too little paste. The consistency of paste was also an issue but with some real _expert_ help I managed to get there.

My next print was chosen out of exposure to Jed Henry's illustration work. I found it so hard to find a classic print to reproduce that didn't represent a step too far ahead of my current carving skill level. Also the thickness and taste of the line work in Jed's stuff is irresistible to me as an amateur carver so I went through his catalog online and selected one I thought I could tackle. Once I'd finished the keyblock and pulled an initial test print from it I contact him by email to ask if he minded me showing his work in this state of disrepair and he was very encouraging and supportive so here we go...

Colour separation begins after creating a bunch of backed gampi sheets later tonight and weighing whether or not I now start carving some separate keyblocks from this first one... I guess I'm going to have to...

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