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Errors in the Introduction
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Author:  David Bull [ Tue Nov 03, 2009 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Errors in the Introduction

Now that the discs have been pressed, errors are of course coming to the surface where they can be seen and squashed ... too late!

I am producing the eBook in two versions: download and CD. They are the same core content, and the only difference is in the location that the media is stored: on Amazon's servers for the download version, and on the CD itself for the CD version.

The introduction to the book explains to the reader what is happening when they click a video or audio link, but somehow, in the rush to publish, I ended up using the same introductory text for both versions. This was the text for the download version, so this error creates no confusion for those readers, but those who have the CD may wonder what is going on when they read this:

"In the version of this eBook that you are currently reading, the Rich Media content is not embedded within the book itself, but streams from the internet on demand (at the moment you click ‘play’). This will of course only work when you have an internet connection. An alternate version of this book - containing all the media embedded within the pdf file itself, and thus not needing an internet connection - is also available (on CD, as it is far too large for comfortable downloading)."

It should, of course have read:

"In the version of this eBook that you are currently reading, the Rich Media content is embedded within the book itself, so no internet connection is required for playback. The audio and video will begin to play immediately after the image is clicked."

Ah well ... better luck next time! At least - with only 1000 copies pressed in this first run - it won't be too long before I'm re-printing, and I can make the correction then ...

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