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Mystique Series - #7 - printing stages 13~14

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:49 AM, October 12, 2010 [Permalink]

I thought that I might make the cartouche background a different colour this time - maybe pick up a tone from the persimmon, but decided not to, as I think that would pull attention away from the main image. So we'll go with the 'standard' pale red:

And with the open sky being such a light colour, we need something at the edge of it to offset the moon. A nice curved gradation should fill the bill:

I think two more should do it; I might be able to get those done tonight, but if not, then it'll be tomorrow morning - which will mean this batch of 120 sheets (with two prints side-by-side) will have taken exactly one week, start to finish. (Eight days if I count the paper sizing step ...)


Following comment posted by: Barbara Mason on October 13, 2010 12:50 AM

Your speed astounds me...I have been working for several months on the last exchange print, I haven't done one in a long time, and I am not close to done...I really have to work hard this next week every evening to get it finished! it is 8 blocks, but very simple compared to this. What a lovely print this is.

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