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Subscribing to the 'Hyakunin Isshu' Series

During the ten years that the Hyakunin Isshu project took to complete (1989~1998), my work was supported by collectors who subscribed to the prints. I made ten prints each year, and subscriptions were for a one-year period. Some collectors were satisfied with just one set of ten prints, and others went ahead and collected the entire 100.

By the time that the series was over, the subscriber roll had reached the limit of 100 that I had imposed for myself, and there were no prints 'left over'. But during the final exhibition of the completed series (in January 1999), there was considerable interest from viewers in obtaining prints, so I initiated a second printing from the blocks.

Because I printed this second 'edition' at the same time that I worked on my Surimono Albums it went quite slowly. I did about twenty a year, and it took me from 1999 well into 2004.

The only way that the prints differ from the earlier set is that they are better made - my printing skills have been steadily improving over the years! They carry the same identifying embossments:

  • Artist: Katsukawa Shunsho
  • Carver/Printer: David Bull
  • Papermaker: Iwano Ichibei (or) Yamaguchi Kazuo

... and of course, also my signature.

This edition is available only in the complete set of 100. It is not yet sold out, and if you have a great interest in the Hyakunin Isshu, you may still obtain a set of the prints. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Of course the complete set of 100 may be delivered to you in a single shipment.
  • Because that requires a considerable investment, many collectors are taking the prints two-at-a-time, at intervals of about a month. I send the case for each set of ten together with the first two prints, and the following prints just slide into it as they arrive. This is the most common way to collect the set.
  • Instead of two-at-a-time, you may choose to have the prints delivered to you in any other breakdown that suits you. Some collectors take a set of ten each 'bonus time' for example - twice a year for five years ... I'm open to suggestions ...

Subscribers receive their prints carefully packed (flat) - each one in a protective folder. With the initial print of each set of 10 I include a cloth-bound case for storing that set. Subscribers also receive my quarterly newsletter covering various aspects of the craft of printmaking and my work.

The price per print is 10,000 yen (exactly the same as the original edition). This includes all postage and packing costs within Japan (write for information on overseas postage costs) as well as the storage cases.

For Further Information

If you would like more information, or wish to start a subscription, please use the appropriate section of my Order Form.

Alternatively, if you are a Skype user, you can give me a call with your questions, or to place an order. Check my webcam first to see if I am perhaps busy with printing - if the camera is off and the coast seems clear, give me a 'ring' on woodblock100, my Skype ID. (Do I need to remind you that I am in Tokyo? ... so check your time zones first!)

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