Mouse ... or Fingertip?

Are you browsing these pages using a mouse for controlling input, or are you using a touchscreen device?

It makes a difference, because touchscreen users can't see things such as rollovers and tooltips to assist navigation, and everything that will be 'clickable' has to be clearly visible on any particular page.

This website will work smoothly for both types of input, but in order to do so, we have to know which input method you are using. Please make your selection by clicking (or tapping!) one of the choices shown below.

After you do so, your preference will be saved in a browser 'cookie', and once you close this little window, the next page that you select will load with your preference activated. If you have selected 'mouse', some menus and options will only appear as you roll-over them; in the tablet mode, such tools will be visible at all times. (You can of course use the 'tablet' option with a mouse, too.)

Mouse Tablet