Graham Scholes' Carving 'bench' (photos from Graham)

The tool, which is approximately 16"x 16", is made from 1/2" plywood. You can make adjustments according to the size of the plate (or block) on which you are working.

The strips of rubberized fabric stop the block from slipping, and help protect the carving on the reverse side.


The 3/8" diameter holes are 3" apart. The 3/8" pegs are sanded slightly to be a snug fit in the holes.


A piano hinge attaches the bottom to the tilting upper section.


A small strip of wood is attached to the bottom to hold the entire assembly from moving when in use.


The support rod is about 1/8" x 8" long with a bend that fits into a hole drilled in the side of the upper section.


Use of this tool offers very good back posture ... The unit I am using in this photo does not have the stop on the front edge; it is supported by 2 pegs in the table at the back edge. This particular unit is for use with large plates - up to 30" x 24".