Japanese Wood-Block Printing

Hiroshi Yoshida, 1939

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Mr. Yoshida was one of the most important woodblock printmakers of the 20th century, running a workshop for many years in which hired carvers and printers worked on the making of his prints. These men were top professionals, and Mr. Yoshida describes their work in detail in this book, which is undoubtedly the most important volume in this Encyclopedia - containing in itself an encyclopedic amount of information.

But the book is not just about technique; he also goes to great lengths to explain his philosophy of printmaking, and the process by which he turned his artistic conceptions into finished woodblock prints.

Do not simply click on the link and start browsing this book lightly - set aside time, and take it slowly section by section. In the ten years since I obtained my own copy, I have read it and re-read it many times, and every time I do I understand more of what I am reading. It is no cliche to say that it will take you a lifetime to understand the contents of this book.

But you can start today ...

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