A Woodcut Manual

J.J. Lankes

[Baren] Editor's Introduction


Topics covered in this book:

Target audience:

Lankes the man is just as interesting as his book - he's a crusty and opinionated old 'geezer'. This volume was published in the middle of the depression, and Lankes' 'anti-big business' philosophy colours every page. Although the actual tool prices and suppliers' addresses he lists are obviously no longer any use to us now, there still remains plenty of 'hard' information on all aspects of the craft. It is especially easy for the beginner to understand his descriptions of the procedures.

In addition to the mechanics of making the prints, he covers such related topics as storage, framing, matting, etc., even extending advice on how to sell one's productions.

This is an informative book that is also fun to read (if you can get past his 'crustiness' ...).