Wood-block Printing

F. Morley Fletcher

[Baren] Editor's Introduction


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This is one of the earliest (the earliest?) 'How to' books on woodblock printmaking. Mr. Fletcher very thoroughly covers every aspect of the process in great detail, and if you had no other volume for reference than this, you would be able to produce quite satisfactory woodblock prints. His descriptions of the Japanese methods are sometimes based on the inadequate information that was available to him at the time (1916), but whatever the authenticity of his methods, they do work.

In addition to the wealth of technical material, he and his editor talk at some length about more general 'philosophical' aspects of woodblock printmaking, but I find this to be a bit of a muddled blend between the viewpoint of an 'artist' and that of a 'craftsman'. You may disagree.

A very interesting, informative, and useful book. Don't pass it up.

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