Footnote from original book:

"Yinaka genji" is a design in black outlines with color washes. It is printed on three sheets, intended to be pasted together, each sheet measuring about 9 3/4 inches in breadth by 14 inches in height, printed surface, or the three sheets, when pasted together, about 29 inches in breadth by 14 inches in height. It represents a hilly landscape, in the middle ground of which agricultural operations are being carried on. Six larger figures occupy the foreground, as follows: On the first sheet are represented two richly dressed ladies, the one to the left kneeling, turned towards the right, and holding a parcel in her left hand. The one to the right stands, with the body turned towards the right, but looking down upon the kneeling figure on the left, and holding in her left hand a vessel suspended by a string. In the second or middle sheet there is another richly dressed lady, kneeling, with her body nearly fronting the spectator, while her face, shaded by the left hand, is turned up towards the group in the third sheet. In her right hand she holds a fan. On the third sheet there is a group of three figures. A man, likewise richly dressed, wearing a sword in his belt, and holding a pipe in his left hand, stands, turned somewhat towards the left, but looking back upon a lady who kneels to the right of him and makes an appealing gesture with her left hand. To the right of the kneeling lady, somewhat back of and bending down towards her, is a second lady, standing, who makes a gesture of astonishment with her left hand. Both are richly dressed. The coloring is brilliant, mostly in flat masses, with little modeling or gradation, except in the sky. The first sheet has 25 printings, the second 26, the third 23, including a "blind" impression, which produces an embossed pattern in the garment of one of the figures.

"Yinaka genji" is the title of a Japanese novel, of which this picture is an illustration.