Himi & Fumi's Hakobi (pigment brushes)

How to make these little pigment brushes is described on another page of this Encyclopedia, but if you don't want to make your own, we can make some for you.

We usually make them in two sizes, small and large. The small one is for normal work on small or medium sized woodblocks. The large one is useful when you have a large woodblock, or if you want to put lots of pigment on the block.

Large: 16~17cm  -  $4.00 (US)
Small: 12~13cm  -  $3.00 (US)

Orders for 4 or less, please add $1.50 for postage. Orders for 5 or more are postage free.

Or we have another idea - if you would like to make them yourselves, but don't have the materials, we can send you a 'kit' for making some. Each kit contains an instruction sheet, and enough supplies for making five hakobi (2 large and 3 small):

  • handles
  • bamboo skin
  • string

The kits are $6.50 (US) plus $1.50 postage.

You can order by email to us at: fumibull@axionet.com or by regular mail to:

Himi & Fumi Bull
3676 West 20th Avenue
Vancouver BC
V6S 1E8

Please make cheques in US$ payable to Himi Bull, and sent to that address. We'll send your hakobi (or your kit) as soon as possible (but if we have too much schoolwork, you may have to wait a little bit).

We hope you will enjoy using our hakobi, and that you will make some nice woodblock prints with them.