Update: the Hanga Treasure Chest is now sold out - all 200 sets that I made that year are now gone. Individual prints from the series are appearing one-by-one over in my Mokuhankan shop (some left-over from my own stock, and new ones being printed from my original blocks by craftsmen under my supervision).

If you've been browsing other sections of this website, you will perhaps see that this Subscription page looks familiar, for I sell all my print series' the same way ... no galleries, no dealers, just prints going out to collectors one-by-one as they come off my printing bench!

Collectors of my 'Treasure Chest' series will receive the full set of 24 prints, the storage box for the set, and four issues of my quarterly newsletter.

The case for this series does double duty - as well as providing storage for the 24 prints, the top section swings up to expose an acrylic display stand ... as you can see here:

Subscriptions work just the same way as all my other series:

  • You let me know you wish to subscribe. I will of course also need the address to which you wish me to send the prints.
  • I will reply with information on making payment, etc. (see below). Once I have the first payment, I will send the first print to you along with the case. Each print is held in an acid-free folder that also carries a small essay related to the print (in Japanese and English). These folders simply drop into the box.

  • Exactly two weeks later, I will send the next print, already packaged in its folder. As you wish, you could put the previous print down into the box, and put this new one up on top on display ...
  • This continues until your set becomes complete with the arrival of the 24th and final print, at which point your subscription is finished.


The price for the 'Treasure Chest' prints is 2,000 yen each. (Residents of Japan must add 5% Consumption Tax to this; overseas shipments are tax exempt.)

These are the prices with shipping added:

Domestic (Japan):   2,000 yen + 100 tax + 240 postage = 2,340 per print
Overseas:           2,000 yen + 330 postage = 2,330 per print


The case for this series is custom-made to my design; it is not cheap for me to provide, so I must charge separately for it. 3,000 yen will be added to the invoice for the first print. Please note that I do not charge any extra postage for the case, even though it is much heavier than the typical package you will receive during the year.


Subscribers here in Japan (where I live) usually find it most convenient to make payment through the postal system, and for them I include a postal remittance slip with each print, with which they make their payments.

Overseas subscribers may make remittance in whichever currency is most convenient; if paying in yen the amount will remain the same every time, if paying in dollars or euros, your cost will fluctuate slightly as the rates change ... One of the following methods will hopefully be convenient for you:

  • Credit card
  • I have a US$ account in a North American bank, into which deposits may be made by:
    • mailing your personal cheque (I enclose an empty pre-addressed envelope for this)
    • using internet banking if you have such ability.
  • If you are a Paypal user, you can send payment that way. This is particularly convenient, because Paypal now allows you to make payments in either dollars or yen, as you choose.
  • Remittance may be made by International Postal Money order sent by snailmail:
    David Bull
    Seseragi Studio
    Nagabuchi 8-4-5
    Ome City Tokyo
    198-0052 JAPAN

It is of course not going to be so convenient for collectors to make payments one-by-one for each print - running to the post office every two weeks, etc. So I am quite happy to let you 'batch' the payments. The invoice accompanying each print will show a chart of exactly which prints in the set of 24 that you have paid for; you can make 'batch' payments anytime at whatever frequency best suits you ...

Gift Subscriptions

Although I hadn't specifically planned it that way, the Treasure Chest series is turning out to be a popular 'gift subscription' item. If you wish, I can send the storage case and prints to a person of your choice, and will send the invoices, etc. to you by email.

Bonus! :-)

Something else that wasn't planned from the beginning - but which has turned out to be quite a point of interest to overseas collectors - is the postage on the packages you receive. We were originally sending packages with just a 'postage paid' rubber stamp on them, but after sending some with a selection of commemorative stamps, and getting a 'More, please!' response from collectors, we switched to using stamps exclusively.

So my wrapping lady Ichikawa-san now has her instructions: use a selection of the newest commemorative stamps on all the overseas packages. And as you get a new package every two weeks, and the Japanese post office issues a number of new stamps every month, you should build up quite a little collection of them by the end of the year!